we're connected again!

I have internet again! After twenty three days, I finally have access to the internet. Craig and I moved flat and were supposed to be carrying over our old provider but they decided that the flat was too high or in an awkward position or something and decided that it wasn't possible. So after an argument they agreed to let us walk away from the contract, which meant we had to start from scratch in finding a new internet provider. Twenty three days of no Netflix, no American Horror Story (I've missed all the episodes so far!), it's been so annoying. We've been watching just about every dvd I own, starting with The Office, before moving on to all the other boxsets I have.

We had a few issues when we moved in, but they all seem to have been cleared up now. I swear, estate agents deliberately make things difficult sometimes. The flat is wonderful, it's on the top floor again which means we don't have anyone stomping around above us, it has all new carpets in the bedrooms, wooden flooring in the living room and kitchen and all the walls are painted white. It's like a pinterest dream! The bathroom is my favourite though, it has beautiful grey tiles and pale flooring and a separate walk in shower, it's amazing.

After being here for a few weeks we made a trip to Ikea for some bits for the flat, it's unfurnished so we have to get our own furniture this time. We spent at least two hours looking through the showroom, much to Craig's enjoyment, and then picked out all the bits and pieces we liked and collected them downstairs in the actual shop bit. Craig got a new bookcase, lamp, strip lighting and a chair. I got a new desk, drawers for all my stationery etc, and a chair. We also picked out a rug and loads of bits and bobs for the kitchen and bathroom. We also managed to find a lovely couple who were selling two Ikea couches as well that are literally in perfect condition. Brand new they should have cost us £300 but we only paid £60 for both!

It's so nice having a little space to have all my stuff in. I've wanted a white wooden desk forever as well, so I'm absolutely loving it. Craig has turned the second bedroom into what I can only describe as a man cave. He has his PC, his consoles and his guitars all in there, I'll basically never see him now. But it's fine, cause I've got my little spot now.

We've still to buy furniture and sort the bedroom but that won't be for a few weeks to save some money again. I'm just glad everything seems to be settling down now. I can't wait to get back into blogging now that I've for my own little space again, so a lot more posts will be appearing shortly. Thanks for sticking around in the mean time!

thank you for reading!

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