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I'm not one for being a massive fan of jewellery. I've gone through phases of it - the bright coloured stretchy bracelets in high school, the huge chunky necklaces and even gold sovereign rings. I cringe just thinking about being made to wear those awful rings. I only ever received one and "accidentally" stood on it, bending it out of shape and rendering it unwearable. These were drastic times, people.

However recently, I've come back over to the jewellery side. I've been sticking to simple silver jewellery, I'm not so much a fan of gold. Most of it comes from Pandora, mainly because it's simple and plain and for the price of it is actually really good quality. It started with Craig buying me a Pandora birth stone ring for Christmas last year. Then that moved onto my wee mum buying me a pandora bracelet with the heart charm and two smaller matching charms. Then I bought myself the bubble ring, heart ring, the cat head charm (for Winry) and the safety chain for the back of the bracelet. The smaller silver twist ring I've actually had for over ten years, my gran bought me it around my 16th birthday and I've worn it every day since.

I've been looking into getting a few more charms for the bracelet, little coloured stones to brighten it up a little. The small necklace I actually got from Paperchase in Glasgow and I almost fell over when I seen it. I've been looking for a silver necklace in that exact style for a while now and when I spotted it I asked for it straight away. Lucky!

Do you have any jewellery favourites or simple bits of sentimental value?

thank you for reading!

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