five reasons you should be watching the office

Reason 1 - The characters are so easy to love.
I don't think there is a single character on The Office that I don't like. Even the characters that you're not meant to like are still likeable. The story is so well written and each character's back story and plot is intertwined with someone else's. It's really incredibly how the whole thing has been written.

Reason 2 - Jim and Dwight's relationship.
Two main characters on the show who are constantly at battle with one another but under it all there is real trust and respect. Plus, Jim's pranks on Dwight are hilarious.

Reason 3 - Jim and Pam's relationship.
Probably the most prominent story there is in The Office is Jim and Pam and how they came to be a thing. I love Jim and Pam, they're relationship is real, full of ups as well as downs, it's not the picture perfect relationship you usually see on a tv show, which makes it easier to believe that it's real.

Reason 4 - There's a good balance between happy plot and realistic plot.
A lot of the story is kind of whimsical but there is also a huge chunk that could easily be happening to you right now. That's why it's so easy to watch, because a lot of it is relatable. We've all had a work rivalry, drama in the work place or even just had silly games to make the day pass by a bit quicker.

Reason 5 - Michael Scott.
Literally just Michael Scott. He is easily my favourite character. Again, his part is so well written that you want him to be your best friend and avoid him completely at the same time. His character is so complex and his one liner's and innocent mentality is the best, too.

Secret Reason 6 - Jim Halpert is dreamy.

thank you for reading!

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