Paperchase mini haul

Is it just me or is anyone else struggling to get decent light for photos now? Just me, okay.

The last few days have been spent going in and out of Glasgow for various reasons and each time I wander through the giant Paperchase staring at everything. I actually had a few things to take back there that I decided I wasn't going to use so instead of getting of getting my money back (the sensible thing) I decided to exchange them for store credit. It wasn't much, only £20 or so, but it helped fund my new obsession. - Bullet Journalling. I've recently fallen in love with keeping a bullet journal and decided that if I was going to do it properly then I need a decent notebook and materials. Simply an excuse to buy more stationery really!

I had read online about Moleskine and, even though I've had their regular ruled notebooks, I decided to get their squared notebook instead, since this makes bullet journalling a little easier. The paper quality is lovely and the spine lies flat when you open it up, something that I was definitely looking for.

I also found these beautiful little rose gold accessories, paperclips and page markers. They're both so lovely, especially the page markers, they're solid metal too so they won't bend if you carry your journal around with you. I imagine they're rose gold plated though, so we'll see how the coating holds up over time.

I can't wait to sit down and start a new journal. My old one is almost full, so once that's finished I'll be moving onto my new one! Is it weird to be genuinely excited over a new notebook and rose gold stationery? I hope not. I wouldn't care if it was anyway, pretty stationery makes me so happy!

thank you for reading!

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