updated desk space - photo board

A few late nights ago I was incredibly bored and fidgety so decided to make something that popped into my head earlier that day. It was already midnight so I thought this would be something easy to do before bed and I wouldn't make too much noise in the process. I decided to make a photo board. I knew I had everything I would need, given that I'd been to Ikea the weekend before and my kitchen still had all the cardboard boxes sitting there waiting to be recycled, so I put a few bits to good use. It didn't actually take much effort to make, just patience,

I'll be making a DIY on this shortly for anyone that's interested. It costs next to nothing and it looks super cute! It's also really handy for me because we're not allowed to tack or pin anything to the walls so putting up frames or art is a no go, so this is the next best thing. Will definitely be making another for the bedroom!

I've also added in a shot of what my desk usually looks like when I'm doing something or making something. It's not always set up to look like a still from everyone's Pinterest boards, this is what a real desk looks like when it's being used. Snacks and all!

thank you for reading!

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