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Grease Lightning / Herbalism / Mint Julips / Rose Jam Bubbleroon / Butterball Bath Bomb

There are few things that I like more than spending a while browsing in Lush. Even if I wasn't buying anything I would still happily spend time browsing all their products and smelling everything. I do love the smell of a Lush store! When I do buy products, I tend to always navigate to old favourites. I stick to the same skin care items because I know they work well for me and generally buy the same bath bombs and bubble bars.

A recent trip to the Lush in Glasgow saw me do exactly that. The store was incredibly busy so I didn't have as much time as I usually like to spend browsing so I darted about locating my favourite bits and headed for the till. For skin care I like to stick to three products - Grease Lightning, Herbalism and Mint Julips. I've been using all three for around two years now (I think) and they seem to be the only things I can use that doesn't break me out in spots or helps when I do actually have a few spots/blemishes.

Grease Lightning is a spot treatment, simply squeeze out a small blob and apply to the area and leave to dry. I find this works best over night after I've cleansed and toned my face. It can sometimes leave a flaky residue in the morning but nothing a little bit of toner won't remove. Herbalism is actually my favourite product of them all, a wonderful cleanser made up of amazing ingredients for the skin. It also works as an exfoliator due to the ground almond. It looks a bit like moss and feels weird when you rub it on your face, but I find it is definitely worth it. It does have a weird smell though. Mint Julips is a simple little lip scrub that tastes like sugary mint. It works wonders on dry lips and I usually go through a jar pretty quickly in the colder months. You just scrub your lips and then lick it away. Simple!

When it comes to bath products I tend to gravitate more towards to the bubble bars or bath bombs as you get the same ingredients in them (mostly) plus added bubbles. I always buy the Rose Jam Bubbleroon because it smells amazing and turns the bath a lovely dusky pink. I find you don't need the whole thing, I break it up into halves if I'm having a big bath or quarters if I'm just wanting a quick bath. After saying I tend to favour bubble bars over bath bombs, I have been enjoying the Butterball Bath Bomb a lot, because again, it smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling wonderful and soft as well because of the cocoa butter bits through it.

With the colder weather definitely arriving I'll be taking a lot more baths, so a lot more trips to Lush might be occurring. Not that I mind!

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