what I miss about blogging

It's absolutely no secret that blogging over the last few years has dramatically changed for the better. Blogging for some people is now a career and it's amazing to see a blog that you've been following for years, literally from when they started, blossom into this amazing online space. A lot of bloggers are adapting a more professional look for their blogs, it follows a more magazine aesthetic that I could only compare to Vogue. Lots of white backgrounds and large full page photographs. It's very clean and very minimal.

I do feel that gone are the days of this space being used for a sort of Dear Diary aspect. I very rarely write about how my day went on here anymore and I think that's because I've been trying to go with the general flow of the rest of the blogging community. I started this blog with the intention of documenting my day and I simply don't do it anymore. The lifestyle aspect of it is still there, but the personal side of it is kind of buried under trying to compete with other, more well-known bloggers.

I miss going onto blogs and reading about someone's day and finding a little more about them. I miss all the different blog styles and designs and seeing how everyone decorated their blog slightly differently. I miss how everything was super personal and they wrote things simply because they wanted the share with people that they'd had a nice lunch, or maybe a particularly hard day at college or work.

I feel like blogging has lost a little bit of it's personality. It seems like a lot of blogs are blogging about what will get them followers or comments etc and not about what they want. Maybe that's just me, I don't know. I just miss how personal blogging was, it seems like it's lost that warmth to it.

thank you for reading!

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