life lately - jobs, cramps and fairy lights

J O B   H U N T I N G  

Things have been kind of slow for me recently. I've been working in a job that I cannot stand because it was falsely advertised and I'm doing things in work that I don't feel comfortable with. This means I now have the horrible task of finding a new job. I loathe job hunting and 'selling' myself to people and potential employers. I categorically hate talking myself up, but with job applications and interviews that's exactly what you have to do. It's the worst.

I'm being a bit more picky with jobs I apply for this time, as usually I just apply for anything and everything and then take whichever job is offered to me first. This has only worked out well for me once, with a job that I was happy in for almost two and half years. I don't want to be bouncing about from job to job so I'm being quite selective in my applications this time.

P E R I O D   C R A M P S  

Looking for a new job hasn't been helped by the fact that I have had the worse period cramps I've ever had. I never usually get a period (lucky side effect of the Mirena Coil!) but I still get the symptoms of it, just minus all the messy bits. I still get cramps, headaches and back pain, but no where near as bad as I used to. Except this month. I have literally been in so much pain, like doubled over crying pain. The type of pain I had when I got the Mirena Coil put in. It's seriously knocked me out, I've been so used to not having cramp this bad for the last few years that I'd forgotten all about bad period cramps. Man, all you ladies out there who deal with this regularly, I feel for ya.

F A I R Y   L I G H T S  

I've been stopped putting fairy lights in every room. Apparently, my wonderful other half does not like fairy lights. I know, right?! So I've been limited to my desk area and the bedroom. If I had my way, I'd have them scattered everywhere, think Stranger Things but less Christmas lights, more copper and white string lights. I'll need to find something else on Pinterest for inspiration now, fairy lights are a no go. Maybe endless blankets and cushions? Or white wooden floors? Who knows.

thank you for reading!

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