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I've never done one of these 'what's in my bag' style posts, so while I'm still off work and my bag isn't cluttered with loads of useless items, I thought I'd finally get around to doing it! Starting off with the bag, I'm currently using an Osprey shoulder bag in their ladybug style (no idea where the name came from) in smooth tan leather. I think this bag has been discontinued but they have similar designs on their site, just without the smooth leather! click here - I've been using this bag for a few months now as it's just the perfect size that can easily be carried on both your shoulder or on your arm, and I absolutely love the twin zips, they open almost to the bottom so you can stretch the bag right out if you need to find something that's buried. Plus, it fits loads of stuff inside, which is super handy when you like to carry everything but the kitchen sink!

I don't usually carry too much in my bag, but recently I've been carrying a bit more, as I like to do more things on the go now. I always carry around a few of the obvious items that every girl / person carries: my phone, purse - which is a Rowallan purse made in Scotland, my keys to the flat, a few girl 'essentials' discreetly hidden away in a little pink pencil case along with some pain killers and some bobby pins, and a body spray of some sort, the one I'm currently using is Impulse. Wherever I'm going, I always carry these items with me.

As of February, I like to carry my ipad mini for blogging and replying to emails on the go. I used to do this on my phone, but I was getting a little bit frustrated staring at the tiny screen and having to zoom in and out to see blogs or comments etc. That's the reason I actually bought the ipad, so it makes sense to actually carry it with me. I keep it in this colourful case from Tesco, which was only £12.50! I also like to carry around a planner and pen, and since getting my lilac Kikki.K it's been with me everywhere. It helps keep me right with appointments and such, so again it makes sense to carry it around. The little silver mirror looking thing in the photos is actually a little business card holder that I got free with my business card order. I don't actually use them all that much, in fact I rarely use them at all, but I like to have them with me just in case. I actually only purchased them because I was getting a 50% discount through a friend, so I thought why not. Like most girls I also carry some kind of perfume along with the body spray, this one is Armani Diamonds and it smells delicious! It's my favourite perfume, one which my mum buys me every birthday and Christmas like it's a tradition, haha.

Again, like most girls, I carry around a little make up bag with a few of the essentials inside. Right now I'm carrying three of my Real Techniques brushes - the powder brush, blush brush and the contour brush. I use them with a Rimmel compact powder, a topshop blush and the collection 2000 concealer. I carry around the Naked Basics pallete too, mainly for the mirror, but sometimes I use my fingers to dab a bit of colour onto my eyelids if I'm doing my make up on the go. The lipstick pictured is the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in shade 415 Pink In The Afternoon, which is my absolute favourite right now! I also tend to have a contact lens case with fresh fluid inside, just in case I get something on my contacts and they need a little clean. It's been a lifesaver since I started doing that!

So there we have it, everything that's currently in my handbag. Minus the odd receipt and bus ticket. And all the lip balms. And bits of paper. And sweetie wrappers... Maybe I should have put them in the picture too!

P.S - I left my laptop for two minutes to get a bowl of cereal and I came back to Craig trying to blog and carry on from where I had stopped. I thought it was funny so I've left what he said below. Maybe guys just don't understand this kind of stuff!
"I have something in my pocket for you! This week the all mighty what's in my bag segment. Here we discover the horrifying truth of what woman need to keep around them on a permanent basis. First up we have a brush. No not for your teeth silly, but for your face. This face brush allows me to wear a powdered version of my face. I call it the doughnut topper. Next there is my lipstick. What do you want from me its just lipstick!"

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  1. I love that tablet case, I've got my eye on Tesco's elephant one but as I'm not getting my iPad till christmas I have to just hope they still have it then!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  2. Armani Diamonds is so nice, the rose version is also amazing! That's a beautiful bag :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I love Tesco iPad cases, but as I have an iPad air they don't seem to do any for mine :( Fingers crossed they'll get up to date soon, hey!
    Gorgeous bag btw. Ladbug design I don't understand, but if you lift the handles up, it's kinda shaped like a bumble bee! (Just me?) xx

    Laura | KUWB

  4. Your bag is gorgeous and much neater inside than mine is right now! xxx

  5. Love your bag! The contents are so much neater than mine, haha. I tried to keep mine neat as well but I always end up throwing trash and coins in it, so I've learned to let it be :P

    Heheh, that sounds like what most guys would say about makeup - I don't think most of them understand either!

    xx becky // star violet


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