my beautiful little cat!

This cute little ball of fluff stretched out on my bed, without a care in the world, is my cat, Winry. I don't think I've ever properly talked about my cat on here, so I thought I would make a little start, considering she's like my furry child and I constantly go on about her everywhere else! 

Winry is three and half years old, has a fear of plastic bags, like to eat plastic wrapping (weird, I know) and loves a play session with a laser pen. She is a Maine Coon, a beautiful breed of fluffy cats originating from America. They are one of the largest breed of domestic cat and are generally always big and fluffy! Maine Coon cats are described as being "gentle giants", as they have a very laid back nature, which makes them great around dogs, kids and sometimes other cats. Like all cats though, they are very protective of their owners and don't like it when other cats come into their homes. They are described as having a nature of a grown up kitten, meaning that they are incredibly playful most of their lives, which is super fun. People say that they're not really a lap cat, which I think depends on the cat, as Winry is very cuddly and loves to come for a cuddle under the covers while I'm still in bed.

Here are a few little facts about her:

1. She only eats dried food.
- We've tried her on the fancy stuff, with actual bits of meat and gravy, but she just licks up the gravy and leaves the actual meat. She's super cheap to feed this way, which is a bonus! She does love a bit of tuna though.

2. She only drinks water if it's running from the tap.
- I refresh her water bowl maybe once or twice a day, so that it's a bit fresher, but she refuses to drink from it. Instead she'll jump up to the sink and meow and paw at it until I go over and let a small stream of water flow. I think it's something do with the water moving, so to her it looks fresh. If she ever does drink from her bowl, she'll paw at the water first and splash it around to make it move and ripple, I think to make it look like running water I'm guessing? I'm not sure.

3. She loves to spoon under the covers.
- This sounds weird, but she genuinely likes to spoon. If I'm ever lying in bed, she'll come up my face and meow, paw the covers around me until I lift them up. Then she'll crawl under, do a little turnabout so her head is at the top again and flop down so her back is completely against my body. Like spooning. She always lies like this, with her body against mine. I know it's probably just for the heat, but I think it's for affection too!

4. Her fur mats and tangles really easily.
As she is a long haired breed of cat, her fur tangles and clumps really easily. It's sometimes difficult to get the knots out, but you just have to persevere with her meowing and trying to get away. I don't like to cut the knots too close to her skin, just in case I ever knick it, which I've thankfully never done. She eventually gets the last of the knot out herself when she's grooming.

5. She likes to sit on my back and shoulders like a parrot.
She's done this pretty much since we got her. If she's sitting around or bored and you're walking about, she'll come up to you and jump on your back. You can tell when she wants to jump up as she does a meerkat stance and looks at you until you bend over a little, giving her a little landing spot on your back. It's super cute. She comes up as close to your face as possible and does that little lion bump head thing for affection and then sits there quietly. She sometimes directs you where she wants to go by leaning in that direction or crawling around your back in the way she wants to go, usually in the direction of the treats or to the top cupboard where she likes to sleep!

I thought I'd share these cute little photos I took of her as well while she was sleeping at the end of our bed! Ain't she the cutest, fluffiest thing ever?! ^.^


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