a few favourite blogs to share!

I decided to make a post and share some blog love for some of the lovely ladies around the blogging world. I follow quite a lot of blogs on bloglovin and on twitter, but I always find myself checking a few more than others. Either because I love the writing, the photos or just the blog as a whole. Another thing I look for in a favourite blog is whether or not it's aesthetically pleasing, which all these lovelies are. It's a weird thing to base a blog on, but it's just what I do!

So here we are, a few of my favourite blogs, for you to have a gander at and hopefully follow!
They're all very lovely ladies and have amazing blogs!

(I said blog, or a variation of blog, 9 times... hurray for repetition)

Make sure to check these lovely ladies out!


  1. Thanks for sharing all these amazing blogs! >u<

  2. you picked some pretty awesome blogs - going to check out the ones I've not heard of now!


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