inspired to get a bit more crafty!

what cool way to decorate a plain white teacup - here
some very tasty looking breaking bad inspired cupcakes! - here
a quirky way to give a cupcake to someone - here
how cute are these little planters? - here
lovely little stamps for writing letters etc - here
an amazing origami bowtie! - here

Recently I've been in the mood to get a bit more creative. I have a few birthdays coming up soon and with Christmas creeping around the corner I'm looking to go home made this year. I used to make gifts all the time but I fell out of it when I realised it was just easier to buy things. But I think that a home made gift has that little extra something, and all these cute little diy's have given me a lot of inspiration. Especially the teacups and planers! So cute!


  1. I love making cute DIY craft projects and usually look on Pinterest for inspiration! I think Autumn / Winter is the perfect time to get crafty as those long dark nights give us plenty of time to cosy up at home and get creative :)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  2. Aaaah, I feel like I've lost touch with my DIY side! I used to love DIYing things and giving them to others but I haven't done anything in the past year or two. Those planters are especially cute!

    xx becky // star violet


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