five habits - girlfriends vs boyfriends

Craig and I have been together for almost three and half years, on the 25th of August. In that time, I've gotten to know him pretty well. We think alike, speak alike and some people say that we're kind of the same person now. That being said, we both have annoying habits that only each other tend to notice in the other person. I thought I'd list a few below. Obviously these aren't too serious, nothing stereotypical like leaving the toilet seat up, or anything!

five habits of the boyfriend  -

1. Leaves coke cans and energy drink cans lying around in groups of half drank danger.

2. Doesn't share my enthusiasm for colourful bunting, fairy lights or cats.

3. Has an iphone, but always has data switched off, rendering imessage useless.

4. Likes to use biting as a form of self defence when play fighting.

5. Always buys too much bread, then buys more before the first loaf is finished.

five habits of the girlfriend -

1. Gets scared and jumpy for any reason, even when nothing is there to be scared of.

2. Has an unusual addiction to stationery and filofax.

3. Is pretty much a crazy cat lady, without all the cats. (we only have one!)

4. Is scared of playing FPS games. (first person shooter)

5. Likes to fluff and shake the duvet before getting into bed. Every single time.

Every couple is different. Do you have any habits that you only notice around your significant other? I'm curious to know if they're like ours or weirder!

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