Sunday Five

one. We moved the guinea pigs and the rats into the spare room that was Craig's little computer room - mancave - so now they have loads of room to run around. We take the guinea pigs out daily for around half an hour to an hour to run around and stretch and then every second day I take them out for a few hours and sit in the room reading or playing the Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch whilst keeping an eye on them. Still such an amazing game. The rats enjoy exploring too, but we need to keep a closer watch on them due to their tiny nature and their ability to hide in smaller in places. Like behind tables or inside my slipper boots..

two. I booked a flight to go down and see my dad. I haven't seen him in almost two years so it'll be weird to catch up. The circumstances for me going down to see him are actually very unfortunate, however I can try and put a positive spin on it. Like, I'll get to see my baby sister again, who I've only seen once. And I'll actually get to meet my baby brother for the first time! I also get to fly again, I love flying, so much easier and quicker than getting the train,

three. I ordered loads and loads of stickers from RedBubble, a website full of people's designs and prints and things. They have an app, which makes it very dangerous for me because I'm always looking at things to buy on my phone. I put the stickers all over my laptop, a few on my journals and a few on my wall. You can see the tiny little Charlie head from Always Sunny in Philadelphia at the top of my prints in the photo above. It's so cute.

four. I also ordered two prints from a lovely little Etsy shop, the Gemini print and the multi-coloured paint print are both from the same shop. The lovely lady who makes the prints sent them out super quick and even replied to my twitter message to thank me for my order. It really is the little things that make you happy.

five. I dyed my hair red. I said I would never dye my hair red again, after the amount of effort it took to get rid of it the last time, but here we are. I can't help myself. I honestly think I'll never escape having red hair. I actually tried to dye my hair pink, but in my lack of knowledge and skill with hair dye, it went red. I suppose I can always go over it again. My hair is already pretty damaged, what's one more dye?

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