5 ways to tell you're an introvert

After spending a whole weekend inside, only seeing Craig, I've realised that I'm definitely in the category of introvert. So I thought I'd write out five small ways to tell if you're an introvert. I've also added a scale at the bottom and put where I think I'd be. Not 100% sure, but maybe halfway between introvert and ambivert.

1. You prefer time spent alone.
I am definitely all for this one. I know Craig and I live together and I'm never really technically alone most of the time, but we spend an equal amount of our time in the flat doing our own thing. He has his hobbies and I have mine. We of course spend time together, but for at least a few hours each day I have time completely to myself. Which is glorious and I use it doing whatever I want. Mostly relaxing.. or sleeping.

2. You're more likely to stay quiet in a group discussion.
This is a difficult one for me, because I can and will voice my opinions if I need to, but I most definitely prefer staying back and sitting on the sidelines. I don't like being the centre of attention and knowing that everyone in the room is listening to me when I speak makes me super nervous. I'd much rather sit and listen to what others have to say and observe the situation than add my two cents.

3. You find small talk incredibly annoying.
I've said this countless times over, I hate small talk. I think it's because I know it comes across as insincere. Not a fan in any way. I'll participate, because it's rude otherwise, but inside I'm hating it.

4. You might find it difficult making new friends.
This one is me all over, I find it difficult to build and maintain friendships. In fact, the people I'd consider my closest friends have been that way for around eight years, mainly because I only really have one social group. I just don't know how to approach people. So many times I've seen someone tweet something and I'm like YES, I should be friends with you, and I don't because I'm too nervous to actually say anything.

5. Talking about yourself gives you the fear.
This one is probably my biggest problem, I hate talking about myself, especially in a professional context. I have to fill out these stupid report things in work where they assess your goals and you have to write down examples of when you've done something great and the other day when I was scheduled to do this, I felt almost physically sick. I hate the idea of having to sell myself to someone. I mean, it all just sounds so fake.

Where would you put yourself on the scale? Apparently most people generally fall under the bracket of ambivert and often feel like they have inner arguments with themselves about what kind of personality they actually have, which is interesting. I'd definitely say I'm more introvert and probably always will be.

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