Does the blogging community need to chill?

I don't blog anywhere near as regularly as I used to. In fact, my blog following hasn't increased in probably around a year or so, simply because I pulled away from the blogging community as it had lost the fun appeal for me.

There is one simple reason to why I lost my interest in blogging - it got so serious.

I noticed it gradually happening and then, literally in what seemed like the space of a few weeks, blogging went from this casual thing that a lot of people took part in because it made them happy and brought like minded people closer together, to a competitive business that people took so mind-numbingly seriously.

Okay, let's get a few things straight first.

I'm fully aware that some people make a living from their blogs, from sponsored posts to ad revenue etc, which is totally fine and is actually pretty amazing. I'm also aware that a lot of people are trying to get to the point where they can make a living from it, which is also totally fine and well done to you for cultivating a business from a hobby.

That being said, for most bloggers out there, I'll refer you back to my last point there - Blogging is a hobby. At least from my perspective anyway. I don't know why this sudden in shift in blogging went from normal, every day people chatting about their daily lives and what things had interested them that week to full on daily posts about make up and fashion, where they've always got the newest item out or the latest make up release. First of all, how do you honestly afford to keep up with all the trends? Are you just doing it for the blog?

I liked it better when blogging was personal and you could see a person's personality shine through their words or their photos. Now, when I look at a lot of blogs, it's all very similar. The same reviews of the same products, the same style of posts and general lack of identity there used to be.

And then you have the other type of bloggers. The non-blogging bloggers. I'm talking about the Insta-Bloggers etc. The ones who have a theme of pastel and flowers and minimal photos. The ones that follow you for three days and then unfollow you again. The same people with 17,364 followers and they only follow 400. Again, there's no personality there. People ued to post things about their lives and now it's just a cultivated pinterest life that looks pretty but is now getting to be mega boring.

People take blogging way too seriously, in my opinion, and I think that it needs to be clawed back a little bit. Go back to posting your daily updates, photos you took of your pets, favourite songs at the moment. I miss posts like that. I miss people being real on their blog.

Let me know what you think or if you've shared the same thought about blogging. Or, if you think I'm being too cynical, let me know that, too.

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