Pretty Odd

I've never really considered myself to be one of the popular ones. From early childhood, right the way through to adulthood, I've always felt a little bit alienated from people. This was something I managed to hide fairly well in high school, pretending I was enjoying going to the pub every week and house parties every other weekend. When, in reality, I was more than happy staying at home to read or draw. Not even more than happy, I would have 100% preferred it. I enjoyed the once in a blue moon outing, but every week was a test of my ability to hide my inner introvert.

This is something I've chosen not to hide any more. I'm not a particularly sociable person and I don't have a problem not attending something simply because I don't want to, social pressure doesn't get to me any more. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and spending time with them dearly, but I don't feel the need to see them every other day. That makes me sound like an insufferable drone, but honestly, they know me well enough to know that's just how I am.

With that being said, the thought of spending an evening curled up in a blanket watching a boxset or something on Netflix is far more appealing to me than going out to a bar, getting squished by people dancing and spending fifteen minutes trying to get a drink because I'm not booby enough to be noticed by the bar staff - sorry, but it's true.

It's taken me a while to accept this. I'm perfectly comfortable being a house-mouse in my own company.

Not too sure on the reason behind this post, think I'm feeling a bit thoughtful tonight.

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