Do I use my phone too much?

"You're always on your phone.." - yeah, I am.

That's a sentence I hear maybe every other day or so. I'm always on my phone, either scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, reading blogs or maybe just browsing on Etsy for something cute to buy. But yeah, the point is, when I'm sitting about, my phone is usually in my hand or sitting next to me.

I pay £50 for my contract, of course I'm going to use it constantly - mainly to validate spending so much damn money on it each month.

So when it comes to phones, why are we constantly stuck in a position where we look down at a tiny screen rather than looking at the world around us? I'll tell you why, cause the world around us sucks. Most of the time.

Online you can cultivate your own little world full of people you want to talk to, things you want to see and read and generally keep your eyes fixed on things you're interested in. I can browse cute photos of animals to cheer myself up, I can look at newer and better ways to meal plan as I'm currently so bad at it, I can check my bank balance and cry at the lack of money I should have after spending so much on Etsy, I can look on pinterest for new ways to decorate my journal or some craft ideas. You get the picture.

I wouldn't say it's necessarily a bad things to be on your phone a lot of the time. I mean, I don't sit on my phone if I'm out and about with family or friends, but when I'm just sitting about or relaxing, I'm probably going to spend half an hour browsing through memes. Which, in my opinion, is always a good idea.

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