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It's not unknown that I like to buy stationery. In fact, besides buying normal things like food and clothing, I'd say it's what I buy most of. In that light, I like to buy planners, too. It started off with buying a Filofax so I could keep track of things like work and money and slowly turned into a hobby of buying more and more. I eventually found other brands to work into this hobby, the main one being Kikki.K, an absolute stationery collectors dream store. Unluckily for me is that I've only ever been able to purchase from them online, as the closest store to me is London, unless I fancy an overnight trip to Australia. (I actually really fancy that!)

My first Kikki.K planners were the mint ones with gold dots. I was originally after the medium personal sized one, but due to them no longer being in production I could only get my hands on whichever size was cropping up on ebay at the time. It took two weeks to arrive from a lovely girl in Australia and when I got it, I was absolutely smitten. I then went on a hunt for the medium size and found a woman on Instagram who was selling hers.

From there I have been adding more Kikki.K planners to my collection. Whenever they release a new planner that I like the look of, I order it straight away as I know once they stop making a certain planner and it's discontinued they eventually sell for crazy prices online and are almost impossible to get a hold of. I have nine in my collection so far and have seen from their snapchat that they'll soon be releasing a rose gold planner which I will absolutely be buying as soon as it hits the UK store! Rose gold! *heavy breathing

Apart from the polka dot and textured black planner pictured above, all other planners here have been discontinued. If you did want to get one in this style you would need to hunt online for one. Ebay is generally good for finding them, but usually come with quite a high price!

You'll have to excuse the dim light in these photos, living in Scotland generally means living in cloudy overcast, hence the lack of brightness! If anyone has any questions on Kikki.K or would be interested in talking more about planners and such, I would love that!

written by Kirsty - thank you for reading!

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