New stationery finds - Sainsbury's

I love buying stationery, I always have. I love it even more when my closest shop sells super cute stationery including washi tape! I was in Sainsbury's a few days ago, probably buying cat litter or something and casually took a wander down the stationery aisle. I tend not to buy stationery from supermarkets as I find the quality to be a little lacking and it's more than likely quite tacky. That was until I spotted these cute little items! They must change the collections they have on display fairly frequently as I'd never seen them before.

I bought two packs of the washi tape, because why not. They are so lovely, especially the gold glitter one! I go through huge amounts of washi tape and I have no idea how so I tend to buy in bulk. I probably should have bought a few more but I'm sure I can nip back down and get some. I also bought a little jar full of little gold clips. They are similar to bulldog clips but the handle bits don't bend down, they just sort of stick up at the top, which does actually look cute! I picked up the cute little sticky note set as well, mainly for the floral stickies. I might not be the most girliest of girls but when it comes to stationery, I crumble next to girly florals and pinks.

If you're into stationery then definitely have a look in your nearest Sainsbury's for this collection! They have loads of matching notebooks and pencil cases, too!

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