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1. I straightened my hair for the first time in around two weeks. I've been trying to avoid heat on it for as long as possible because it's very dry and damaged. I'm hoping for long beachy locks by the summer!

2. Craig and I took a trip through to Glasgow last weekend to visit some friends. One of our closest friends has recently purchased a house so we went to visit him and see his new home. It's scary that he's now a homeowner, long gone are the days of sitting in the union until 4am every week. Now we have to be responsible and buy houses and stuff. It's weird. We went out for food and drinks after, then went bowling and then drank a lot more. The morning after I took a photo of the amazing tiger painted down by the river, it's so cool!

3. Although it was a beautifully sunny day, I could not get a decent photo of the river, I'll put it down to my shit photography skills.

4. Edinburgh Castle looking lovely in the sunshine. I took a wander through the gardens after work the other day with Craig and sat on the benches in the sunshine until heading home. It was a nice little welcome treat after the weird weather we've been having recently. All four seasons in a day has been annoying to dress for!

5. Biking every other day has mostly led to us cycling to the shore and back as the route is really nice. It's around eleven miles in total, which isn't too bad. We've gotten into the habit of sitting by the water for a short break before heading back.

6. I had to wear summer stuff into work the other day, I'm not entirely sure why. We were told to wear beach stuff for the day and come in dressed for summer. It felt silly as I work in a shopping centre that doesn't get any natural sunlight and is always freezing, yet I'm standing around in a dress. It's the first time I've worn a dress this year though, so there's an upside.

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