25 years old

On the eighteenth of June, I turned the ripe old age of twenty five. I spent the day playing with cats at a cat cafe, eating sweets and ice cream, walking about in the sun and then getting my nails done. I didn't intentionally look to spend the day as a five year old, it just happened. I still act and think like a small child that's had too much sugar and I don't know when that'll end, if it ever will. I think I'll always be a child just pretending to be an adult, for the foreseeable future anyway.

I've been a bit spoiled this year for my birthday, Craig booked and paid for an appointment to get my hair done and bought tickets to go and see Jim Jeffries for his Edinburgh show. My mum bought be a beautiful Pandora bracelet and a few charms and I was taken out to dinner. I felt a bit guilty actually when they spent so much money on me, getting presents makes me a teeny bit uncomfortable, I prefer to be the one giving presents. It was a lovely weekend however, and now I can officially say that I'm a quarter of a century!

written by Kirsty - thank you for reading!

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