time for a catch up

I think it's about time I sat down and had a catch up with this blog. I've posted a few times over the last month or two but nothing substantial or personal. I've not really felt like I've wanted to spill anything personal on here because I'd sort of fallen into the trap of thinking that no one wants to read that type of post. Then I realised that that's exactly the reason I started this blog, so I'd have somewhere to write all the shit that goes through my head on a daily basis. So here's a quick catch up!

Left my job - I've had to leave my job and find something more permanent. I wasn't too keen on leaving because I was comfortable in that type of environment, however the role was only temporary and I was getting paid weekly, which is a nightmare. I've found something permanent, but I'm not sure if I can do the role. I'll give it a go, anyway.

Money problems - Actually, I wouldn't say problems. I'd say worries. The worries have come from getting paid weekly, which has made it hard to keep track of my money this way. I can't remember when any of my direct debits come out now and I accidentally missed a credit card payment which has dipped my credit score slightly. Nothing drastic, I'm just annoyed I let it slip.

I stopped straightening my hair - I've actually been doing this for a while now, but it's helped my hair grow loads. It's super obvious that I need a hair cut though as there's loads of scraggly wee ends, but I'll get them chopped soon. It's also helped my natural curl/wave come back, although it's hidden under a head full of frizz and split ends.

I went vegetarian - I decided to take part in national vegetarian week and haven't eaten meat since. It's been eleven days since then and I haven't had the urge to eat anything with meat in it. I've found it quite easy so far, so I'm hoping I can actually stick to it. The thought of eating meat now makes me feel horrible because I know it was an animal. I wonder if that will ever go away.

I have a new baby brother - My dad as his partner had another baby, a beautiful little boy born on the 21st of May, just one week before my baby sister turns one! They haven't picked a name yet, but I think they're settling on one, just need to see how it feels probably. He's so cute. I need to get down and see them, but my dad's house is tiny and there literally isn't any room with the two of them plus two baby's and a dog. I've been moaning for him to find a new place quickly so I can book a trip down for a few days!

I discovered Teasers chocolate bars - This isn't so much a major thing, but I've honestly been craving this so much over the last few weeks. It's so so good.

It's only five weeks until our cabin holiday - Craig and I are going away to a cabin for five nights with friends to Loch Lomond. The cabins are right on the water too, it's so beautiful. There are twelve of us going in total so we've split the group up between two cabins and it's going to be five days of barbeque's, drinks and lazing around by the water. I honestly cannot wait. I'm hoping the weather will be decent, too.

I'm hoping with going back to a Monday-Friday work gig that I'll get a bit more time to blog and feel less like a potato when I get in from work. That's obviously as long as I last at this new job. If you've read this far, thanks for sticking around, too!

written by Kirsty - thank you for reading!

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