pampering is always a good idea

I think everybody loves a pamper session, especially me. Most of my girl friends have a weekly or bi-weekly pamper as well, but it's only recently that I've gotten properly into it. I used to enjoy a long bath but generally I'd just end up watching a film and then falling asleep (dangerous, I know, Craig moans at me for this all the time!). Now, I actually enjoy using treatments on my hair and skin, bath bombs and bubble bars, exfoliating every inch of me and even enjoy a little glass of vodka while relaxing.

I tend to mainly use Lush products when it comes to pampering. I'm trying to steer away from products that have pointless chemicals in them or things that cause more damage than good in the long term. Lush are always open and honest about what's in their products so I feel happy slathering myself head to toe in their stuff. I splurged a little in the Edinburgh branch a few weeks ago and spent a while in the store talking to one of the girls for a long time about what things I would like and discussing my hair and skin type so she could recommend the right things. I went in with an idea of what I wanted but she really did help.

I ended up buying a shampoo and conditioner - Curly Wurly and American Cream, a hair mask - H'sua Wen Hua, a facemask - Cupcake and a facial scrub - Herbalism. I knew I already wanted Cupcake because I'd been told it smells like mint chocolate and helped get rid of blemishes so that was a no brainer. I also knew I wanted H'sua Wen Hua (how do you even pronounce that?!) because of Megan's hair, I remember she mentioned using this mask over and over again and she has beautiful long hair, so it must help.

I wanted some things that would compliment the stuff I had already picked up so the lovely sales assistant recommended Curly Wurly shampoo and American Cream conditioner. Curly Wurly is designed for curly hair to help define the curls and keep frizz away and American Cream is a rich, thick conditioner that doesn't leave any residue behind and smells absolutely delicious! I got caught standing smelling my hair in work just because it smelled so good. 

She also recommended Herbalism because of my skin type. I have really bad combination skin, really oily around the bridge of my nose, chin and forehead but extremely dry around my nostrils and the sides of my face. It makes buying facial products a nightmare. Herbalism is perfect for combination skin because it's not too greasy on oily skin thanks to the rosemary and chamomile but also works well on dry skin because of the ground almonds through it. It feels like a facial scrub but also soft against the skin. I have noticed a few more spots coming to the surface since using it, but she told me this would happen. Apparently it brings out any dirt or bacteria buried in the skin to the surface, so essentially my skin will get worse before it gets a lot better. I don't mind, because it looks nicer already anyway!

I tend to always use a bubble bar or bath bombs when I'm pampering myself as well. I've really been enjoying rose scents recently so have been using the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, which smells divine. It makes the bath a lovely dusky pink too! This combined with a little sprinkle of bath salts and I'll happily lie in the bath for a solid hour without moving. Add a glass of vodka and cranberry with ice and I'm good to go.

I'll be having a little pamper on my next day off, which isn't until next Tuesday. I'm on a seven day stretch at work just now due to being short staffed, which sucks! How do you enjoy a pamper?

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