2015 in review

»   I finally got around to buying a Macbook. I had been wanting one for so long and finally caved and bought one.
»   My dad came to visit me with his partner and my baby sister, who is so adorably cute!
»   We went to a paintball course for Craig's birthday which was amazingly fun.
»   I finally got to see the new Star Wars movie. I was so happy and I sat with a huge smile the entire time!
»   I watched all five seasons of Game of Thrones in like two weeks. I felt this was an accomplishment.
»   I left my job after deciding that I couldn't work there any more. It was a hard decision, but necessary.
»   I upheld my challenge of reading one book per month. Barely, I just scraped by.
»   I built many blanket forts while Craig was working. He's yet to find this out.
»   I spent a lot more time with Winry which has made her my furry little best friend.
»   I took an interest in learning how to code which made my blog design a lot easier to handle.
»   After months of moaning, I caved and finally went to the doctor about my back. I'm yet to see any results.
»   I don't need as many friends as I thought I did and just because they hang around me, doesn't make them friends.
»   Even though I own a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Gold iPhone 6, I still bought the Rose Gold 6S. I have a problem.
»   I realised that sometimes my dad needs to make more effort with me. It's not that hard to send a quick text.
»   Craig has proven this year just how amazing he is. In more ways that one. I plan on doing the same for him!
»   I also caved and bought a Gillio planner, which is just beautiful. I have no regrets on that one.
»   I got a new tattoo for my birthday, courtesy of my lovely wee mammy.
»   She also got me my ears pierced again. She's obviously a bad influence.
»   I lapsed from blogging a great deal which is something I plan on rectifying in the new year.
»   I realised that I despise working in retail, however it's my only real job experience. I'm doomed.

2015 has been a great year for me. Plenty of good things happened and luckily nothing bad really happened that I can think of, which can only be a good sign. I'm looking forward to you, 2016, and whatever great things you'll bring. Also, if I could lose a teensy bit of weight too, that'd be great.

thank you for reading!

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