You know those days where no matter how hard you try to fall asleep and despite feeling exhausted you just can't drift off? Going to bed and just lying there, unable to switch your brain off is the worst. I think everyone has experienced a night or two like this and I've found myself getting this a bit more recently since having fallen out of a proper daily routine. I've found a few simple things to do help get to sleep and to fill the void between wanting to sleep and actually sleeping.

 ways to help you sleep 

1. Put your phone away.
I am the worst for this. I'll be winding down for the night, getting all comfy and then whip my phone out and scroll through Instagram or Twitter for too long, until I end up feeling sort of awake again. I've been trying to leave my phone on the table at the end of the bed, that way I can't be tempted to have a nosey once I'm comfy. It's mainly used for an alarm at night now.

2. Reading a chapter of a book.
I used to have a great night time routine of a small cup of tea, some hand creme and a chapter (or three) of the book I was currently reading. Having a small reading session was my way of letting my brain know that was me switching off for the night and it worked almost every time. I would feel my eyelids dropping and then I'd pop the book away and nod off instantly.

3. Have something on in the background.
This is a very common one. Sometimes it works to have the tv on in the background or some music, basically anything you would consider white noise. More recently I've been using apps on my phone to simulate the sounds of rain or thunder and lightning, which I find very relaxing when I'm trying to sleep.

4. Open or close your window.
Depending if you like sleeping with the window closed or open, try doing the opposite. The change in temperature might be what you need to drift off. You're body might be too cold or too hot and not realise it. I like to sleep with the window closed most nights, but sometimes if I'm finding it hard to drift off I'll open the window slightly to let some cool air in, which usually does the trick.

5. Get something scented for your pillow.
You can purchase pillow sprays for helping you sleep, the most common one being a lavender scented. I turn my pillow over to the cool side and pop a quick spritz of lavender on to it. I only use these on rare occasions, but when I do I tend to drift off into a very deep sleep.

  things to do when you can't sleep 

1. Write a list of things you want to do the next day.
This is one I do quite a lot. I prioritise what I want to get done the next day, be it house work, errands or just little things like paint my nails. If I write things down, I tend to stick to it.

2. Organise something.
A few nights ago I rearranged my book case into colour order (so pinterest) and now it looks super pretty. I'll probably move it back in a few days time, I like to keep my books together in their collections or by favourite to least favourite.

3. Watch a film or an episode of a tv show.
Pretty self explanatory, I tend to put on something that I've seen a million times, just to I can zone out and hopefully feel a little more tired.

4. Do the dishes.
I always leave the dishes until the end of the night or the next morning. They are the one thing in any household task that I hate doing! However, I'm finding myself doing the dishes at night when I can't sleep which also saves me doing them in the morning. If unlike me you actually wash your dishes when you use them, then find something else to clean that you would usually leave until the next day. Unless that's hoovering or something, as you might annoy your neighbours!

5. Do some light exercise.
I do mean light. I've been watching some youtube videos recently that teach you some relaxing yoga positions and talk you through some small periods of meditation. I have to say, the meditation helps wonders when I'm distracted from sleep, it totally helps me get into the mood to drift off, I would highly recommend giving it a try. Plus, it's totally good for you!

Just a few simple things I've found that have helped me over the last couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading!

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