a quiet little christmas

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Christmas this year was a quiet one. I used to love the hustle and bustle of Christmas, with my brother and all my cousins running around and playing with whatever new toys they had gotten that year. My mum in the kitchen preparing dinner, my dad playing guitar and having a beer or two with my uncles, my gran sitting on the couch trying to be interested in all the kids showing her every toy they had gotten for the millionth time. Having to squash round the tiny dining table to eat the huge Christmas dinner that mum would make (so many leftovers for the next day's dinner!).

This year was a bit different. My family over the years has sort of lost touch with each other, a divorce will do that. So it was just me, my mum and my brother for most of the day. I liked it though, it was very quiet and peaceful. It meant I could enjoy a long bath in the morning and not feel like I had to dress up fancy for the day and I could generally just have a laugh with my brother without feeling the need to entertain. It was lovely. We opened our presents on the living room rug around 10am and then watched a film on Netflix. I made us a cup of tea and then started to help mum with preparing dinner. Side note - Why is Christmas day the only day of the year where people have their dinner at 2/3pm? Crazy.

My gifts were lovely and incredibly well suited to me. I know that makes sense to have presents that I would like, but I'm quite hard to buy for, however this year everyone was spot on with things that I actually had been wanting for quite a while. Craig especially, he bought me the Pandora ring I was desperate for, I love it! It's a tiny bit too big for me though, so it might need to be swapped for a smaller size. The day was finished off with my big cousin coming over with his kids, who spent the next few hours wrestling with me and fighting over whose turn it was to get the next piggy back monster race. I don't see them that often so I didn't mind being a human play thing for a few hours.

Christmas definitely was lovely this year. Was your Christmas like mine and very chilled or was it hectic and busy? I'm curious to see what other Christmases are like!

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