a promise to 2016

Dear 2016,

I'm writing to you to ask you a few favours. I know I don't always hold true to my New Years resolutions, but I thought this year I'd try and think of a different style of resolution. Although I would love to ask you to help me lose a bit of weight and to always remember to take my make up off at night, but let's be realistic 2016, I love a bit of chocolate and once my jammies are on my laziness knows no limits.

So, this year, I'd like to make a different resolution. Or a few different ones. I don't think they really fall under the category of resolution, but I thought I'd write them down anyway.

I'd like to be happier.
I spent a lot of time last year letting little things bother me. Things that, now that I think about it, don't even matter today. I've decided to change my train of thought whenever something bothers me. I think to myself, will this bother me tomorrow? If the answer is no, then let it go. Too much time is wasted letting little things change the bigger things.

I'd like to be more positive.
I'm a pessimist, through and through. I always think to myself that if I plan for the worst possible outcome that anything from there can only be good. I need to stop thinking like that, it's stopped me doing so many things that I could have been doing. I missed out on a fair few blogger events because I knew I wouldn't know anyone there, and as much as we don't like to admit it, bloggers are cliquey. It's also scary walking into a room of people that you don't know too. I'd like to change that.

I'd like to spend more time in the now.
I'll admit that I spend at least half my day browsing social media on my phone or laptop. I might not always be completely present on Twitter or Instagram but you can bet I'm there reading every single tweet that appears in my feed and liking all your Insta selfies. I'd like to cut that down. I spend too much of my time browsing other people's lives that I don't spend any time making and developing my own. I need to bring my head out of the internet once in a while and just log off completely. Even for a few hours a day. Some down time would be nice.

I'd like to be more me.
Last year there were a fair few occasions that I didn't feel like myself. Where I felt pressured into following a social norm or feeling like I couldn't act a certain way because it's not the normal thing to be seen doing. For example, I was listening to music, thoroughly enjoying myself, and started twirling around the sweet aisle of Sainsbury's. The security guard thought I was on something and came over to escort me out of the store and I had to tell him that I was just enjoying my music, after which he told me to behave myself. Now, I rarely sink into my music, I just listen to it. Nope. That's not me. I want to be more me. If I want to wear my hair a certain way then I will. If I want to dance around in public then I will. If I want to walk through the street singing then I will.

So, with these in mind, I hope to make this year a better year. 2016, please let this be a good one.
(also lose weight and save money, but you know, I'm not pushing my luck...)

thank you for reading!

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