Last night's sleep was not good, however it did give me a cute little idea. I couldn't get to sleep until around 4:30am and in all the time awake I managed to think up this little diy. I tmade this in around an hour and given that I haven't made anything in a few months or so it was quite therapeutic to actually do something with my hands and not just type something out for a while.

What you'll need
an empty pringles tube (I'm giving you permission to finish a whole tube!)
a bread knife / something sharp
colourful washi tape
string / twine / ribbon
a lot of patience

step 1
Buy some pringles and finish off the tube, you'll need the top bit of it. I would recommend the bbq flavour, they're definitely my favourite.

step 2
I used a bread knife for this part. You need to cut off the little metal-ish part at the top of the tube, the bit that the lid pops on to. I used a bread knife just because it cut through very easily and scissors would have been quite difficult to manoeuvre around it. This will give you the circle you need to work from.

step 3
Tie some string in a knot at a random bit of the circle, wrap it around the circle a few times and then take the string to the opposite side of the circle and tie another knot. Repeat this until the whole circle has been wrapped in string and you have something that resembles something similar to a bike wheel.

step 4
Take a separate piece of string and wrap it around the inside bits of string (the bits that look like bike tire spokes), to form an inside circle of string. You can do this as many times as you like until you reach the desired effect you're looking for.

step 5
Grab your favourite washi tape and place two bits of washi on either side of a separate piece of string, making sure you leave enough room at the top and bottom to add more feathers and to tie to the dream catcher. Cut the washi into feather shapes and make a few precise cuts at the side of feathers along the edges.

step 6
Attach the string with the washi feathers to the bottom of your dream catcher. I put mine at different lengths so it didn't look symmetrical.

step 7
Add some smaller lengths of washi to parts of the body of the dream catcher and wrap it around. This is mainly for colour and aesthetic value.

step 8
Make a loop of string at the top of the dream catcher in order to hang it up.

Viola, a very cheap and easy way to make a dream catcher. It looks super cute too! I might make a few more, that way I can hang one in every room, much to my eye-rolling boyfriend's benefit. If you do decide to follow this diy please let me know. I'd love to see if any of you make this!

Thanks for reading!

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