September Goals.

1 - Go through my wardrobe and sort out my clothes. I have mountains of clothes that I no longer wear or are too old but hang on to because I liked them years ago. I'll never wear them again, chuck them out!

2 - Blog more. I have seriously fallen away from blogging and I used to love it so much. I think working full time has really pulled me away from it, I don't have the time any more to sit and take hundreds of photos and spend all day reading and commenting on other people blogs. I ain't got time for dat. But, I will make time from now on.

3 - Drink more water. The past weekend there was Craig's birthday and it was a very active one. Paintballing, ice skating, lots and lots of walking around. Drinking too, but that's besides the point. I need to drink more water. I'm lucky if I have maybe two glasses a day, way less than I should be drinking. I might force myself into a little health kick.

4 - Make something for the flat. I've been browsing Pinterest non stop lately looking at all these amazing home diy's and how crafty some people are. I want to make something for the flat, I haven't decided what yet, but I'm sure when I do I'll make a mess doing it.

5 - Fill in my provisional drivers form and actually attempt a lesson. I've been putting off driving for years and now I think I finally want to learn. I love the idea of being able to go into my car and drive off somewhere. Living in the city is perfect for public transport, the buses are amazing and so cheap, but they are also quite limited on where you can go. A car would totally fix that. It would also cut around thirty minutes off the time it takes to travel to work.

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  1. I totally need to go through my wardrobe - I'm in the same boat as you. Half the stuff in there I haven't worn in years! And water. I suck at drinking water.

    Emily | Emily Banks Creative


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