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1. It was Craig's birthday last weekend, he's now an old man at twenty five years old. We celebrated with paintball and drinks later that night. Although, we were all pretty tired after running around being shot at for hours, so it was a fairly early night for us.

2. My little brother came over to stay with me for a few nights and we spent most of them sitting up until around 2pm/3pm listening to music and just talking. He's really good at playing the guitar (annoyingly good) it was nice to listen to him. We're very alike now, growing up we used to fight all the time, but now we think the same and it's really nice.

3. My dad is also up visiting me. He lives in England so he's travelled up with his partner and his baby girl, my little sister! She's is so adorable and squishy and cute and just so smiley! I need to get a proper picture of her, I'll be taking my camera with me next time I see them.

4. Summer has well and truly ended, I had to wear a jacket out today. It's official now. I'm really looking forward to autumn and all the scarves, cosy jumpers and endless amounts of tea. I think I prefer autumn, it's just so cosy and comfy. Plus, you can never have too many jumpers. I just need to dig all mine out again now.

5. I recently started watching through The Office: An American Workplace again. For like the fourth time. I honestly love that show and I wish they'd make another season, like a where are they now season. It's so good and I can't get enough of Dwight. Might go watch a few more episodes actually.

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