how I know my cat loves me

1. She headbumps me. When she's feeling particularly loving, she'll bump her head off my head or body. This is like a 'hey, how's it going, I love you' gesture. (Science says that's she's just rubbing her scent on me, but she's actually just being cute. What does science know?)

2. She follows me around. I don't know about you, but if I like being with someone, then I'll want to be around them. It's the same with cats. Cooking food, she's meowing at me from the sink. Tidying up, she's hovering around my feet. Going for a pee, she's pawing at the bathroom door or is already inside and staring at me. Or trying to sit on my lap while I'm on the toilet. That happens.

3. She slow blinks at me. This is a very common sign of cat affection and I always do it back. I do look like a nutcase though, so I tend to do it when no one else is around.

4. She plays with me gently. She'll be five in January but still plays like a kitten. When she plays with me, she doesn't bite hard, she'll nibble on my hands or fingers but she'll never actually bite or scratch me. She does with other people, but she obviously doesn't want to hurt her mama.

5. She lies / sits / balances on me literally anywhere. You need to be able to cope with the odd claw poking you, but if you can, prepare for a world of balancing cat acts. First up, cat on shoulders, parrot style. Next up is the more elusive cat balance on bum act while you read. Finally, the leap of faith, jumping into your arms from a distance because it's super cute and who doesn't want a cat's complete trust that you'll catch them.

6. She talks to me. Apparently cats don't meow at other cats (a fact I find a little hard to believe) so they only meow to their humans. She is a regular little chatty one, I only need to say her name and she'll meow back. It's even worse if she wants something. Or she's around the laser pen.

7. She lets me kiss her and rub her belly. Over the years, she's gotten used to me kissing her on the head. She used to shy away, which gradually moved onto ducking down. She now knows that I do it on a regular basis and purrs when I do. She finally figured out that it's affection. Cats are also sensitive about their bellies, their most exposed and vulnerable part. If you can rub their belly without a firestorm of claws and teeth, then congrats, your cat loves you.

ain't she just so fricking adorable?!
her name is winry, btw.
(win-ray, in case you're saying it in your head wrong)

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  1. Omg she is adorable =] my cat isnt very affectionate but he rubs his head against me, sleeps with me, talks to me and follows me around. He only listens to me when i call him and ignores everyone else, i love our bond =] i just love cats

    1. Every cat is different. I had a tabby boy growing up who was completely different to my kitty just now, he never let me touch his paws or his belly but he was still very affectionate. I think we just need to accept that cats are weird! haha.

  2. Such a cute post, lovely photos!

  3. My cat does all of these things too! Your's is adorable xx

  4. What a beautiful cat! So many people think that cats can't be affectionate but what do they know?
    Megan x
    London Callings


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