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1. I've been blogging a lot more recently. I started thinking about why I got into blogging in the first place and that's what I am going back to. I wasn't really interested in collaborating with brands and things, I blogged because I wanted somewhere to write about my interests, my hobbies and my day. That's what I'm going back to, this blog needs to be a little more me.

2. Winry has been so much more affectionate with me recently. She is super cuddly and will not leave my side, it's so cute. She's also perfected leaping directly into my arms. I can tell when she wants to do it, she'll stand on the edge of something and sit up like a meercat and meow. I walk over, open my arms up and pat my chest, which is her queue to jump. She lands like a pro and then sits there quite comfortably. Other than the odd claw in your boob, it's a pretty fun way to get your cat onto you.

3. Autumn is officially in full swing and I'm loving it. It's time bring out the jumpers and scarves and buy a new pair of winter boots. I love buying winter boots.

4. I switched to a new kind of washing powder for my clothes which is leaving them smelling divine now. I have washed pretty much everything I own over the last week or so and now all my clothes smell amazing. So fruity and fresh. It's the little things that make a difference, isn't it?

5. This sounds like such a soppy sentence to write, but Craig called me beautiful recently and it caught me completely off guard. There's something about being complimented by your other half that is so wonderful and I honestly couldn't stop smiling for ages after it. He's such a sweetheart!

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