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I haven't done a 'what's in my bag' post in months and months. The last one I did, I was carrying around pretty much the same items, but this time I'm carrying a lot less. I no longer feel the need to bring a bag full of makeup everywhere with me or any business cards, which tbh, I've never actually given to anyone that wasn't already a blogger! I also don't carry around my ipad either any more, it's too large and I don't use it as much as I used to.


I always have a planner with me, which right now is my beautiful Gillio Compagna in pink! I honestly am in love with it. I haven't been babying it, as you can probably tell from the little marks and dents in it, but I like it that way, it shows that I actually use it. The purse pictured isn't anything fancy, just a light pink purse by Big Buddha that I got from tkmaxx while in for a wander on my lunch break.

No girl's bag is complete without a customary hand cream, this one is from Soap and Glory, the mother of all delicious smelling products. I think this is their newer one, it has a different design on it from the ones I used to carry around with me. I'm pretty sure the bottle is skinner too. The perfume I'm currently carrying is Britney Spears Fantasy in the teeny little 30ml bottle. It's so cute and perfect for teeny tiny handbags. I've always been a fan of Britney's perfumes as well, they're cheap and cheerful and they smell really sweet and sugary, which I love.

After I got paid a few days ago, I went for my customary shop in Primark. Whilst at the tills I picked up this little emergency power pack for £8. I wasn't expecting much from it, considering they were at every till (damn you Primark and your cleverly placed items!) but the little thing is actually pretty good. It'll give my phone a full charge within around an hour and it'll have some left over for a little boost later on, too. It's really come in handy over the last few days.

The last three things are pretty self explanatory; a compact mirror, a pair of earphones and some Carmex lip balm, which is the be all and end all of lip saviours, by the way.

There was actually a lot more in my bag than this, but I felt the need to leave out all the bus tickets, sweet wrappers and loose change lying around at the bottom of it. It wasn't really fitting with the aesthetic of the photo, to be honest. #bloggerproblems

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  1. I really need to downsize my bag too, sometimes i carry around so much it hurts my shoulder! Love your cute purse and planner!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. I know, that's why I decided to downsize. It got to the point where my bag was just too heavy!


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