Things I'm looking forward to in Autumn

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It's the beginning of September and already the days are starting to get shorter and slightly colder. I've started daydreaming of things I'm looking forward to coming back this Autumn! I've also been thinking about things that I'm looking forward to wearing again now that the weather is starting to cool down again.

Tartan scarves
I have quite the collection of tartan scarves as well as just normal scarves. I went through a phase of buying a lot of them and then always stupidly resorting back to the same one I've always used. I'm really looking forward to scarf weather coming back.

Winter coats
I'm not much of a coat person anyway, but during the autumn and winter months I love having a huge cosy jacket on. There's something nice about knowing how cold it is around you and not feeling it because you're essentially a walking hot water bottle.

I like to wear a lot of boots anyway, but I've always wanted a pair of Doc Martens for winter and I will probably invest in a pair this year. I made the mistake of buying cheaper pairs of boots last year that would only last a month and then fall apart. I'd rather invest in a better quality pair that will last longer and I've not had a paid of Doc Martens for years!

Fluffy socks
Wearing socks to bed is a complete no-no for me usually, unless it's colder Autumn/Winter weather and then I break out the fluffy socks. The cuter and fluffier the better!

Thicker pyjamas
I love wearing matching pyjamas and I have too many sets already, but without fail, when the Autumn weather starts to creep in, I will definitely be visiting Primark for a few more sets. There's something so nice about a new pair of pyjamas.

Dark lip colours
Given that I don't wear a lot of make up anyway, this year I want to try wearing more lip products and starting in Autumn is perfect as that's when all the berry and purpley colours start to come out.

I'm also looking forward to yet another year of never having tried any pumpkin spiced hot drinks. Soz, all that blogger hype hasn't worked on me yet. I'll still complain for another year of how cold and rainy it is outside, yet I say all year round that Autumn is my favourite season. I think I just like moaning about the weather, to be honest. What is everyone else looking forward to this Autumn?

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