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In the next few days I'll be moving flat with Craig and all I seem to be doing is daydreaming about all the pretty things I'm going to need to buy to furnish it. We deliberately went for an unfurnished flat this time - living in a property for three and half years with other people's stuff has put me off ever living anywhere that's not been furnished by me. We've been dealing with awful green carpets, magnolia paint on everything and old floral wallpaper, not pretty! We still have a lot to pack and prepare for the move, so naturally, I'm sat here typing this. This is sort of productive though as I'm mapping out how I want the flat to look. No? Okay.

The deal so far is that Craig gets the spare bedroom for a games room, so he can hibernate in there with his PS4 and PC. It's probably where my Nintendo stuff will be as well, so I might spend a lot of time in there, too. If he gets the spare room, then I get to decorate the flat to how I like it. Within reason. We seem to have very different styles when it comes to home decor, so I'll need to be careful on what I buy to make sure he likes it. Or, I just buy it in little dribs and drabs and build up all the nice things over time and he won't notice.

I'm really loving the idea of having a grey couch, with colourful pillows and blankets. I'm leaning more towards pops of pink and mint with maybe copper and gold thrown in as well. I also want to get a huge rug for the living room. As far as I can remember it should be wooden flooring so a big rug will work perfectly. I've added in a few bits of copper and bronze as I love the look of that frame copper/rose gold candle holder! Add in a few houseplants and flowers, a few prints on the walls and some white furniture and bam, dream living room complete.

I'm just hoping Craig won't think it's too girly, he might not notice. Or, he can decorate the spare room any way he wants and we can compromise.

I should probably get back to packing now. I recently discovered that I own an unfathomable amount of stuff that I seem to have gathered over the years so I'm doing a serious clean out. That, coupled with all the cleaning and organising means I'm very time restricted. Hopefully it won't take too long, those Pinterest boards aren't going to make themselves and I've got more daydreaming to do!

thank you for reading!

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