a quiet weekend

Craig and I decided to have a weekend in Lanark, just an overnight stay somewhere quiet before he goes back to work and we get ready for moving flat. It was nice to get away somewhere where the constant noise outside isn't traffic, noisy shops, sirens and people shouting. We went out on the Saturday night to the pub with friends then spent the Sunday morning out in the park with his lovely wee mum and Amber, the most timid dog ever! We spent the morning and afternoon out in the sunshine and playing with all the cats, which was super cute because they're all so fluffy! I spent a little while next to where Winry was buried and had a wee cry, which was nice and upsetting at the same time. After that, we went for a wander into the woods and visited all the carvings of animals and fairies before coming back to the house and heading home.

Craig took a photo of me on the wooden throne out in the woods, which was too bright for me to open my eyes for and resulted in a cheesy smile & goofy eyes!

We move flat in just under a week now and I am genuinely so excited. Edinburgh has been good for the past three years but it's time to move onto something new, we also really miss spending time in Glasgow. We'll be moving to a flat that's only fifteen minutes on the train from Glasgow city centre as well, which is brilliant. It's also only ten minutes in the car to my mum's and so much easier for Craig to get to his parents as well. All in all, it's a great change of pace for us and neither of us can wait. Plus, we get to decorate and buy all our own stuff, queue all those Pinterest boards coming in handy!

I haven't been posting around here much lately, but moving into a new flat has given a lot more enthusiasm for stuff, so I'll be around here a lot more. Thanks for sticking around in the mean time!

thank you for reading!

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