ain't no thing like a chicken wing!

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You know when you find a restaurant and you think, 'yep, this is it, I'll eat here forever'? I found that and it is glorious. I've never found a place where I know I will go back again and again, I usually think most places are good, but my loyalties will always lie wherever somewhere new is opening up or somewhere cheaper. Not anymore, let me tell you about Wings.

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I had heard a few people talking about Wings and never really paid much attention to it. A restaurant that only serves chicken wings? Nah. I have never been more wrong! Craig and I decided to go out for some food on a rainy, windy day and I mentioned having heard bout Wings. After deciding that it was worth a try we headed up to the Royal Mile and down Old Fishmarket Close to find Wings (which we actually walked past the first time because it was hidden behind some scaffolding!)

For a dull, rainy Sunday it was busier than I was expecting. We were instantly greeted by a giant C-3PO welcoming us, this is when I knew I'd love it. We were taken to be seated by a friendly waitress to a Jurassic Park themed table with giant dinosaur coming out of the wall and decorated with pictures of all the characters. Even the light matched! There were other sections with different themes, too. I spotted Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars and I think maybe a marvel/superhero theme as well. I didn't wander around because other people were eating and minding their own business and I didn't want to be that guy with my camera.

There was a bucket on the table with napkins and menus in, which we browsed for around three minutes before deciding. For a restaurant that only serves chicken wings, there was a lot of choice. You essentially choose the sauce you want from all the different types and then they bring you your wings coated in your chosen sauce. Simple as that.

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We both went for a more traditional bbq style sauce, Craig's being a bit sweeter than mine because it had maple syrup through it, I think. We also had some to share, which were covered in cheese! They were absolutely delicious. You get six wings per portion but you can get as many portions as you like, and they come over and check on you to see if you'd like to order more once you're finished. We managed to finish the wings we had and didn't order any more, feeling too full. However, I would have been more than happy to sit there for an hour and then order more, but that's because I'm greedy!

We cleaned ourselves up, given that we were both pretty messy with sauce on our hands/faces, and then went to pay the bill. For three portions of wings, a bottle of Magners and a Pepsi it came to just over £15, which is so cheap! I was genuinely surprised when I seen it. I was expecting at least around £20 and over. As we were leaving we walked past a set of stairs and wandered down for a nosey and seen a tv projection on the wall and other people standing about. We didn't venture all the way down as we didn't know if it was something private or not, but next time I'll be finding out.

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Posing for a standard selfie. As usual. Craig joined in, too, even though he didn't want to.. haha.

If you're out and about in Edinburgh and are looking for somewhere a little bit different, definitely give Wings a try!

thank you for reading!

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