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I'm not that much of a girly girl, but I love getting new jewellery. There's something I love about wearing a very plain and simple outfit and then dressing it up with a nice bit of jewellery. So when Rings and Tings got in touch about sharing some of their lovely pieces I was very happy to review them. They kindly sent me a goody bag of a few random pieces from their website, which consisted of a necklace, a pair of dangly earrings, two bracelets and a ring. They came all neatly wrapped up in their own little plastic packaging and then bubble wrapped up and placed neatly into a padded envelope.

I was pretty excited when I opened them up and seen the necklace first, which is definitely my favourite. I wore out it out recently to a new favourite restaurant and now whenever I'm going out somewhere I pop it back on. It's very casual but still looks pretty fancy. Plus, I love how dainty and delicate it looks!

The rest of the pieces I was less keen on which was unfortunate. I didn't mind because it was a random assortment of bits from the website, so I knew I wasn't guaranteed to like everything. Having said that, my mum really liked the gold bracelet and the gold ring, which was too big for me anyway, so she has kept them and wears them out and about. The gold bracelet has a cute little stone at the end and is asymmetrical, which I really liked.

I do actually like the earrings as I think they're really pretty, however I'm not one for wearing large earrings, preferring to wear studs every day. I probably would wear them on holiday, though! The darker bracelet with the green stones is actually really cute, but I'm not really a fan of green jewellery.

There are a few lovely items on the website that I think are really nice. This triangle necklace is lovely, as well as this woven bracelet and this beautiful mixed stone bracelet, too. Everything is pretty reasonably priced too, which is always a bonus! I definitely think I'll be grabbing that mixed stone bracelet when I get paid again!

(*)These products were kindly sent to me for review.

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