A few thoughts before I'm 25

I am twenty five this year. A quarter of a century. The day I turn twenty five I'll be closer to thirty than I was to twenty. I don't know if I can handle that thought.

Twenty five is a magical number I think. That's the number when people start to treat you like a serious adult. Which is kind of a big deal. I mean, when you're twenty, yeah you're an adult, but people still looked at me like I was young and innocent and no matter what I said, I was always told I'll learn when I'm older. That changes at twenty five. Now I am older. People now look at me like a fully functioning adult in society, capable of taking on the world.

They couldn't be more wrong.

I am, for all intents and purposes, a massive child. When given the choice between going out for a nice sensible meal with Craig and socialising like a normal adult couple or going out for paintball and takeaway after, I'll always choose the latter. I'd rather spend money on new lego than bills. I don't think about having babies and marriage, much to my mum's disappointment, instead I think about where I'd like to go on holiday next. I still love playing with nerf guns and look at the best place to buy lightsabers online. I don't really know how mortgages or taxes work and the only credit card I have has never really been used. In a lot of aspects, I am kind of still a child.

In light of this, here are some things that have only started applying to me more recently, now that I'm reaching the magical number of twenty five. 

1. People are now asking me when I'm having babies and getting engaged.
2. I frequently get asked to come out for quiet nights with a bottle of wine.
3. I now feel guilty about not owning my own home.
4. I want more cats. (that's not a new thing, though..)
5. When a girl friend says they're feeling bloated, you don't agree and ask to call their food-baby chewbacca.
6. Another thirty minutes in bed is totally worth skipping washing and drying your hair, that's what dry shampoo is for.
7. A quiet night in with Netflix and a Chinese sounds more appealing than a messy night out in a club with friends.
8. Baths are heavenly.
9. Lush is also heavenly.
10. If you have really young siblings or young family out with you, people think you're their mum.
11. The idea of working Monday to Friday, nine until five is very exciting.
12. Pinterest and Instagram will give you unrealistic ideas about home decor.
13. Plans for an early night will never happen, especially when Netflix is around.
14. Getting spots at this age will make people constantly ask how old you are.
15. People just assume you have your shit together and know where you're going in life.

In four months, I'll soon be twenty five and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with my life. and I am happy with that. I might be wandering through my life having no clue where I'll be working in a few months or if I'll have discovered a new hobby in paper mache, but at least I know that right here right now is exactly where I'm meant to be.

I'm going to relish these four months, hopefully they'll pass really slowly.
Also, the thought of having babies is terrifying.

thank you for reading!

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