a gift guide with a difference

red bubble t-shirts - baymax & companion cube, storm trooper, tolkien quote, thranduiling
think geek - charm bracelet and variety of charms
etsy - zelda key holder, deadpool usb, zelda jewellery box, lara croft print, harry potter ring

Everyone loves a good gift guide, right? They're fairly popular around the holidays and stuff, so with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd add another one to the gift guide pile! This is a guide for the connoisseur of geekery. I wouldn't really say that it's catered to male or female apart from maybe the bracelet and the ring, it's simple a selection of items that I think anybody who considers themselves even slightly geeky might like.

Craig and I don't really do anything for Valentine's Day. It's not like, 'we don't need a day to spoil each other' type thing, it's more like a can't be bothered-ness. I used to love Valentine's Day, but over the years I've sort of grown out of the whole hearts and flowers thing. I'd much prefer a t-shirt or a gadget. Or, if I'm feeling a bit more romantic, maybe a massage.

What kind of gifts are you giving this year and what kind of gifts do you expect? I'd love to know how other people spend Valentine's Day.

thank you for reading!

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