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Every year I get myself the limited edition Soap & Glory gift set they release at half price. They've done it for years and I never miss one. This year, with starting a new job and not having much money to spare I couldn't buy myself it. I know, woe is me. However, my wonderful mammabear got me one for Christmas. I was genuinely intrigued when I went snooping under the Christmas tree to feel the presents and I couldn't figure out what this tin thing was. I opened it up on Christmas morning both excited and not surprised that she got me it, as I'm positive I mentioned to her at some point about getting it during the Christmas period.

This year has been my absolute favourite yet. I was a little disappointed in last years one, but this year has completely upped the game. So many full size products that I absolutely love, including the Sugar Crush body wash, Scrub of your Life, Righteous Butter and Hand Food. I've still to try out the face wash and the moisturiser but, so far, I've only heard good things about them so I cannot wait to give them a try. I'm not putting too much hope on the moisturiser as my face has always been very sensitive and is used to only a handful of products, but Ill give a try.

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with the suitcase holder the products came in, as I generally keep all my body stuff in a drawer in the bedroom. I suppose I'll find something to use it for. If you have the same set, let me know what you're doing with the container as I need some idea. Unless that idea is to throw it away, as the hoarder in me would cry if I did that..

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