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Last week was complete internet silence for me, it was glorious and peaceful and I will definitely be doing it again soon. I went on a small holiday with Craig and some of my closest friends to Loch Lomond, my absolute favourite place on Earth. I've been going to Loch Lomond since I was very little and it holds a special place in my heart because of my lovely wee granny, who's ashes were scattered there along with her tree planted near the shore. We used to take trips through to the Loch for days out, spending time swimming in the water and then barbecues on the beach. I remember we drove through three days in a row just because we had been having so much fun that we drove back the next day and next day. My gran would sit and watch my brother and me swim about in the water and sunbathe whilst my mum and and dad would prepare the food or be relaxing together. One of the best moments I can remember is when my bathing suit had came loose and my gran almost had a heart attack and started wading in the water to warn me because I clearly hadn't noticed. The ever observant child that I was!

We left on the Thursday and came back on the Tuesday, it was five nights of relaxing chaos. The houses we were in were advertised as lodges, but were more like mini mansions. The sheer size of one of them was so huge I felt as if Batman should have been living there. They were beautiful and positioned nicely away from any roads and general public which meant a night in didn't surround us in the usual hustle and bustle of people walking by or cars driving around. It also meant that it was pitch black at night due to the lack of street lights around outside, which suited me perfectly as I hate unwanted light when I'm trying to fall asleep, but scary for walking outside.

The size of the houses also allowed us to have an amazing game of hide and seek, all of which I won btw, I'm clearly an amazing hider. I'm sure it's perfectly normal for a group of mid-twenties adults to play hide and seek and be super excited at winning. I spent the first night staying up until 6:30am drinking and singing Tenacious D with a few friends, much to our sleeping friends discomfort. Dick move, I know, but I was very drunk. The next few days were a mixture of more drinking, spending days out walking about the town and spending time with friends. The weather wasn't totally on our sides, we did have a few glimpses of sunshine, but most of the time it was raining.

We managed to play a round of mini golf, take a boat tour of the loch and the islands, go out on the pedalos, tackle an aerial assault course in the trees, do some shopping and drink a lot of alcohol. On the last night we also swam in the loch, with a bit of persuasion from me. The water was freezing, but totally worth it. I also jumped off a jetty with a friend into the deeper water which was good and scary, I'm not as keen on swimming in deep water so when I jumped in and didn't immediately resurface I instantly forgot that I had to swim up. It took me about four second to surface again, which when you're submerged in freezing water feels like a long ass time. The photo underneath is the jetty we jumped from, it doesn't look that deep, but trust me, it absolutely was.

I'm already looking into holidays for next year, given the success of this one. There were twelve people on this holiday and some people only met others for the first time in the houses when we arrived, so the fact that everyone clicked was a bonus. I definitely cannot wait to get back to Loch Lomond and if you're looking for a relaxing and chilled place to visit, definitely have a look at visiting, even just for the scenery, which is always my favourite part.

Until next time, Loch Lomond, it's been a pleasure once again.

written by Kirsty - thank you for reading!

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