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I am an online shopaholic. There I said it, that's the first step to take when solving a problem, admitting it. (I'm not changing though). Ever since I discovered online shopping there has always been one site that is constantly open on my phone and favourited in my browser, and that site is Etsy. I've put together a little wishlist of everything I'm currently lusting after and have sitting my cart waiting to press submit order. I figure that by talking about them here it'll take away the temptation to actually buy them, as I'm trying really hard to save money. I'll press submit eventually though, I always do.
7. Arrow ring.  /  8. Cat mug.  /  9. Legend of Zelda cookie cutter.

Everything here has been sitting in my cart for the last three or four days now. With Christmas coming up, I shouldn't be buying anything for myself, but given how cute everything is, I might need to give in. Also, how cute is that Cloud Mobile? I don't have a baby, but I'd still hang it up! 

thank you for reading!
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  1. Omg the cat mugs are adorable =]


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