How I decorate my planner pages

This is a post that I get quite a lot of requests for. I've been using a planner for a good few years, going all the way back to my high school days. It's only been the last two or so years that I've been using Filofax or binder type planners. I'm a member of a few of the Facebook groups for Filofax and planners and regularly post pictures of my decorated weeks for others to see and maybe get some inspiration from. I like to decorate my weekly planning pages, as I think that it helps me write in them more, especially if they're nice and colourful.

I mainly decorate with washi tape and stickers, quite a simple way to decorate but it's a very quick and easy to add some colour to your planner. I also like to use some page flags and sticky notes, the ones pictured are from Target. A lovely lady from one of the Facebook groups kindly sent me from the US, seeing as we don't have a Target store in the UK. I like to decorate at the top and the bottom of the pages, adding some colourful washi tape or stickers. I don't tend to put too much in the middle of the boxes as it takes away space to write in. Having a personal sized planner, you kind of need as much to room to write as possible.

I don't add too much to a new week until I have it properly planned out. The week pictured here is actually starting the 27th of July. I like to decorate in advance, that way I can write things down for the next few weeks. I will put down stuff that I know is guaranteed, like my holiday finishing, my family visiting and the fact that I'm buying a beautiful Gillio planner. I like to use sticky notes to roughly write down what I plan to do in that week and then once I've confirmed the dates and times I'll use pen to write it in permanently.

You can see above that this is a decorated week, with a sticky note of other plans. I used washi tape and the top and the bottom, along with a little sticker decorating the middle of the bottom washi tape. I used a little gold arrow to show that it's the last week of my holiday. I drew some fancy lettering on the Sunday to show the end of my holiday along with a few to-do's for that day that will need to be done on the Sunday. I've also used a page flag to show that my mum and brother are visiting my on the Saturday into the Sunday.

Everyone decorates their planner differently, but I thought I'd show you how I do mine! If you decorate your planner or even use planners like these, let me know. I'm always eager to find other people who share my hobby!

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  1. Your planner looks so cute! I don't have a planner myself, I prefer to organise digitally, but I love watching decorate with me videos and reading about other people's planners and all the cute washi tapes and things! xx

  2. I love how you've decorated! I wish I was as creative, but I feel like my attempts wouldn't end up nearly as cute as yours! I definitely need to buy myself a planner though, get myself into proper organised habits! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  3. I'm always in awe of your beautiful planners. I have an old Filofax I tried being creative with but it felt too small to do what I wanted; maybe I'll treat myself to a larger sized planner once I get a job and actually need to organise myself!
    Megan x
    London Callings

  4. What Facebook groups are you a part of? I've recently started planning and would love some inspiration :)
    Kat xx

  5. Such a lovely way to decorate your planner - you've seriously made me want to buy a filofax now! x


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