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It seems as if the months are flying by like minutes right now. It's already the first week of July and I can safely say that I don't know where the last six months have went. They've kind of flown by in a blur of work and other various boring things. Not much of note. My life is as interesting as ever, it would seem.

I did, however, have a very interesting June.

1. My dad and his partner had their baby girl, a beautiful little cherub named Molly. As they live down in England, I've yet to meet her, but I am so excited for when I do.

2. I had my 24th birthday, to which Craig spoiled me for. I was pampered to a new haircut and colour and taken for a day of shopping accompanied by tasty lunch and drinks. He even decorated the flat in balloons and banners for me. The rest of the weekend was spent out drinking with friends.

3. I got two new tattoos for my birthday, courtesy of my lovely mamma bear. I completely forgot how much of an annoyance tattoo after care is. It's so itchy and all that bapenthen is sticky!

4. My not-so-baby brother turned the grand old age of 20 and he celebrated by starting a new job that week. What a lovely way to be welcomed into adulthood. He's already decided that he'll be buying a guitar with his fist proper pay.

5. I realised that my work is awful, so I've decided to start looking for work elsewhere. I love who I work with, don't get me wrong, I just can't stand the business any more. I've been tweaking my CV and updating my online work profile on Linked In, Reed etc. Let me know if you need someone to babysit your cat, I'll be right on that.

All in all, June was a pretty good month for me. I'm really looking forward to see what comes in July! I do have two weeks holiday coming up, I'm off work from the 20th of July onwards. Hopefully I'll have something productive planned!

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