fresh flowers make everything better

Like most Scottish summers, the weather has been a bit rubbish recently. It's been really sunny, then it'll pore down with rain, we'll get a little bit of thunder and lightning, then it'll bounce back to being sunny again. The weather has been so unpredictable! It makes dressing for going outdoors really annoying, too. I've been waiting for a decent summer pretty much since winter started last year, and I've yet to see it.

Luckily, Debenhmas Flowers offered to send me a beautiful bouquet from their Summer Flowers range to brighten up my day. I love having fresh flowers around, I would have flowers in every room if I could. There's just something that's entirely homely and well put together about flowers. I had a little browse on the website, which I didn't know existed until around a week ago, and settled for the Peony Perfection. Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, so I couldn't resist ordering myself a bunch. I ordered them on Friday and had them delivered for Saturday, which was my day off work. Sure enough, the postman dropped them off in a sturdy box in the morning, which was surprising as usually next day delivery has me doubting that it'll actually happen. I love good surprises. I've had them around a week and a half now and they're still fresh, pink and beautiful! A few of the larger petals on the outside have started to yellow at the tip very slightly, but I imagine it's because I've had them sitting in the sun too long during the day.

I've got them sitting up on my window seat so it's one of the first things you see when you walk into my living room. They look so pretty, sitting pride of place in my window. Luckily, my cat doesn't bother with flowers, so I can have her around them without worrying that she's going to eat them and make herself ill.

As a little pick me up to everyone else currently not feeling the weather in the UK right now, I've got a discount code to share, which will give you 25% off! DFBLOG25 - I'll be using the discount code too!

click here for more information - Next Day Flowers / Debenhams Flowers

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