oops... I spent too much money!

I've been pretty bad with spending money this month! I didn't think I had bought that much to be honest, but when I put it all together to photograph earlier this morning, I realised just how much I'd spent. I could have probably bought a lot more if I wasn't so incredibly fussy with clothes etc, but what I've managed to pick up so far has came to quite a bit. However, in my defence, I'd like to point out that working in a retail park plays havoc with my wages and being right next door to New Look and across the road from Boots is pretty dangerous for my bank account. That being said, I thought I'd put together a little mini haul post!

 photo haul1.jpg
top - internacionale: daisy print dress // new look aztec dress, hamsa print dress, flower print dress with peter pan collar   --   middle - new look: black and white jumper // primark: grey jumper   --   bottom - boots: real techniques eyes brushes, gel liner brush // benefit: they're real mascara // rimmel: true match powder compact, infallible 24hr foundation, salon pro nail polish // nivea: moisturiser // revlon colourburst balms
For some unknown reason I've bought a fair amount of dresses over the past few weeks, which is really weird because I'm not really a dress type of person, I much prefer a comfy pair of jeans. However, I've decided to try and broaden what I feel comfortable in, which from now is going to include dresses. I also thought with the nicer weather coming shortly (hopefully) that I'd better get prepared for that sooner rather than later. I also can't go shopping and not buy a jumper or two. I have a wardrobe full of jumpers already, but I continuously feel the need to buy more. Oh, the brain of a female is a strange thing. Jumpers are so comfy though, so can you ever really have too many? No is the correct answer there.

I also took advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 deal that's going on. I managed to hold off for a while but I was inevitably pulled in by all the pretty make up. I initially went in for new moisturiser and came out with a few more items than expected. However, I did have a Boots card with some money on it leftover from Christmas, which helped encourage my spending. After getting the moisturiser, I went straight to the Revlon counter and looked at the new colourburst balms. They are so pretty, but I settled on just three. I also picked up a foundation and powder from rimmel as the ones I've been using are still too dark for me, so hopefully this combo will be a better match for my skin tone.

While browsing around the make up counters, I picked up one of the most famous mascaras every one talks about, Benefit They're Real, and now, as of last weekend. is my new favourite mascara ever. Speaking of things that go on eyes, I got the Real Techniques eye brush set and gel liner brush, which I'm so excited to start using! I've been using simple little eye brushes and I'm so excited to try and perfect that smokey eye with these little beauties. Last thing I couldn't resist on getting was another little mint nail polish, and after having heard so much of these polishes already, I thought I'd try them in mint first, as always.

So there we have it, a lot of money spent, all boiled down in one little post. I think when I get paid at the end of the month I'm going to be saving most of the money, for two reasons: I'm going on holiday this year with Craig and some friends and I also want to buy a new laptop as this one is starting to give up on me. There is a third reason that I'm going to try and save money, but it's simply just because I spend so much and it'd be nice to see my savings build!

Now I'm away to go and spend the rest of my day off tidying the flat, as usual!


  1. I love the New Look dress with the collar and the new look jumper as well! I need to broaden my fashion horizons too but for me it would be the opposite - putting down the dresses and trying to find some jeans!

  2. Ahh that eye brush set from Real Techniques has been on my mind recently as I desperately need some new eye shadow brushes.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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