Cute little home touches.

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I am one for buying things from the home section of every shop I'm in. Constantly. The above items I bought when my mum was coming to visit under the excuse of  "mum would like them, so I'll buy them for her to look at when she comes over, she'll think that's nice".. Yeah, not much of an excuse, but I have to tell myself something when I buy things so I don't end up with buyers remorse. I do love home sections though, all the pretty candles, flowers and blankets that I'm just drooling over and not buying because I already own a lot of each. However, when browsing through Poundstretchers on my lunch a few weeks ago I came across these cute little bird cage candle holders that were on sale at two for five pounds! I thought that I'd be silly not to get them considering I own a lot of candles and could do with a few more holders. They currently sit on my windowsill annoying my cat as she doesn't have free roam on it any more and has to sit around them when staring at the birds outside. They're so cute though, aren't they?

The tulips were from our local Aldi, which is just at the end of our street. We were doing our food shopping that week and I decided to pick up some flowers to add a little colour to the living room, which is currently dominated by the green carpets and matching green couch. If only I owned this place, it would be so much nicer! I actually use the blankets I buy to hide the green colour of the couch so I don't have to look at it when I spend time in there. Flowers are a nice addition to any room though.

At the side of the picture is the light tree that I got in Primark, on sale. I think it was around fifteen pounds down to seven. It's a cute little ornamental tree that has little fairy lights on the ends of the branches. The lights on it are quite bright so I tend to just have that lit up itself and not have the need for any other light in the room, which Craig hates. He always has the big ceiling light on, which bugs me to no end as it's just too bright and harsh which inevitably gives me a headache.

I think I'll always be drawn to the home aisles in shops, mainly because it just gives me inspiration for when I own my own place eventually. Until then, I'll just continue to swoon.


  1. I know that feel, I'm forever making heart eyes at Zara Home, and H&M Home is opening in Oxford tomorrow so I just know I'll be allllll over that next week. Terrible for my bank balance but sooo pretty for my eyeballs :) T xx

  2. I loved this post! I love getting cute little vintage things for my room!

    Would love it if you checked out my blog -

    Florence xoxo

  3. Aldi is great for flowers, they're so cheap! I just picked up some lovely tulips from Asda tonight, which were only £2.50!

  4. Such cute and simple decor :)

    Stella | stellashek


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