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PIYO Journal - Ver.3 Flower Bouquet // $21.99

When I was younger, while still sporting my lilac pedal shorts and scrunchies, I was seriously bitten by the stationary bug. If you ask any member of my family what I would ask for as gifts, when birthdays or Christmases were coming, I bet they'd all say either stationary or a horse, and much to my disappointment the latter never sat under the Christmas tree as mum would always say that it was too big to fit down the chimney.

Now, years and years later, it seems as if that little stationary bug has bitten me once more as all I seem to do now is buy cute things online. I now find that my number one searched for thing on ebay is "cute stationary", which is amazing as it quells my want for pens and notebooks etc (after having bought them of course), but havoc for my bank account. I suppose it's my own fault for having my paypal account directly linked to my ebay account, it just makes buying things on impulse so much easier. However, whilst scrolling through the endless pages of cute things ebay has to offer, I came across this journal and squeaked at how amazing it looked. An undated journal / planner with each page individually illustrated with different designs, monthly layouts, weekly plans, note pages at the back and it comes with cute little stickers! I literally couldn't resist. I think it's the coolest thing I've ever bought online!

The journal itself costs $21.99, which is roughly £13. and comes with free shipping. It was being sent all the way from Korea so I wasn't holding my breath on the delivery time. When I placed my order, the confirmation email said that delivery time would have been two to four weeks, but I think mine came in just under two, which was really impressive considering the postage was free. I was so happy when I heard it thud through my letterbox that I jumped off the couch and ripped the packaging open right away to look at all the lovely pages inside. To start with I wasn't going to use it because I thought I'd ruin how pretty it looks, but then decided I was being silly and reverting back to my child ways regarding stationary, so I started jotting in all my work hours, plans for days off and any appointments / events that I have coming up. I plan on using it for generally staying more organised and keeping a note of what I do with my days and such. I'd like to be able to look back at in a years time and see what I was doing or what I was thinking at the time.

I'm so excited to be using a diary again, I used to always keep a diary but then fell out of the habit a few years ago, so hopefully this will kick my creativity block away and I'll be back to my old arty self in no time. I've also bought a few more sticker sheets from ebay, cute little kitty ones, washi tape and some fine liner pens, all very cheap but amazing quality. I think I'll be buying everything online from now on.

After finishing up this post, I'm going to get the journal out of my bag, as I now carry it everywhere, and find more cute ways to organise my life. Although my phone is sitting right under my nose and is screaming that ebay has millions of cute stationary items just waiting for me to find...

uh oh, send help, I'm about to spend more...


  1. That diary is so so pretty Kirsty! I'll have to remember to look for something similar come the end of this year :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Oh this is so pretty! I'm such a sucker for stationary and it always motivates me when I have really lovely stuff to write with/in - superficial or what?! T xx

  3. This is such a great diary, I wish I could stay this organised! I think from now on I'm going to try!! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle

  4. I can't even imagine life without stationery...

    I really enjoyed this post

  5. such a cute and inspirational post!


  6. So pretty, I love stationary!

  7. That's so beautiful, i do love a perfectly organised diary!

    The Student Blog x


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